Our Mission

“We, the members of the Hutt City Uniting Congregations parish, covenant to nurture the spiritual in ourselves and other people and explore new ways of experiencing and sharing God’s love in Christ.”

Foundation Principles

These foundation principles were fundamental to the shaping of the HCUC at its inception.

    • Flexibilty : Ability to change with the times, needs and the Spirit.
    • Forward Looking : Moving away from old models and freedom to look for new ways.
    • Federal : An umbrella for congregations’ members and a balanced division between local and joint independence and maintaining interdependence with wider church bodies.
    • Mutuality : A place of safety and care for both weak and strong expressed in an equality of representation on Council where each part has its place within the concept of the whole.
    • Mission Based : Ongoing questions of how the structure helps the mission expressed in mission statements and bi-cultural statements in relationship to the communities each congregation lives in.
    • New Vision for Ministry : Recognition of both lay and ordained ministry within a team which is adaptable according to the needs presented for ministry, and taking accountability for such.
    • Freeing up Resources : Amalgamation of resources such as property and people setting a context where people have enlarged choices for ministry, training and education to meet the identified needs. Equipment to be shared and a centralization of secretarial services.


HCUC was formed in December 1995 from the Methodist Parish and three Presbyterian Parishes in the Lower Hutt Valley, and one year later the Wainuiomata Union Parish also joined. A number of the congregations were neighbours, and had developed relationships with each other over many years.

Diversity within HCUC

Diversity in the HCUC begins with the traditions of the denominations that we integrate into our identity as a parish. There are three main ethnic groups that come together in the parish being European, Samoan and Tongan. The theology of any one church group in the HCUC ranges from reasonably conservative to contemporary liberal views enabling a broad and informed grasp of contemporary issues.

Combined Resources

Through careful stewardship and a process of combining congregations and selling plant such as churches surplus to requirement, the HCUC have brought together a centralized management of resources so that all seven churches are served by an ordained ministry team, an effective group of lay worship leaders and pastoral carers, and some parish-wide programmes and events.


Governance of the HCUC begins in the Parish Forum where representatives of each church location and Presbyters gather to make decisions that affect policy and functioning of the parish. Specialist sub-groups stem from Parish Forum to handle matters like ministry, visioning, personnel matters, finance, and property. Major external influences on the life of the HCUC stem from the denominational and cultural church courts to whom we subscribe.

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What We Do

Hutt City Uniting Congregations are a confederation of churches within Lower Hutt City who minister to a multi-cultural community out of the traditions of the Presbyterian and Methodist churches.

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We also have many retired Presbyters who are still actively involved in the life and ministry of the HCUC Parish, together with the large amount of Lay Preachers who readily assist when and where possible.

Services and community outreach

Mainly Music

Started in 1990, mainly music is a fun music group for parents or care givers to enjoy together with their young child. Throughout the morning, children develop gross and fine motor skills, language, imagination, maths and pre-reading skills as well as socialise with others. Each mainly music is associated with and is run by volunteers from a local church. Children are introduced to music, creativity and more, plus families given a chance to think about the God-part of life. Amazing to think that all this can be achieved in a loving, shared family environment.

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Venue Hire

For details of availability and rental rates for St Marks Wesley, Wainuiomata Union Church or Stokes Valley Uniting please contact the HCUC central office on ph 04 569 6017 or email us on admin@hcuc.co.nz. For enquiries about the Waiwhetu Uniting facilities please contact the bookings officer Kathy Saunders via email on klsaunders0@gmail.com or phone 04 569 6412.

St Mark Complex
St Stephen’s Union

History of HCUC

From the beginning the Hutt City Uniting Congregations has sought to work out the mission of the Gospel in new ways. In seeking new models HCUC has not always fitted into what the national Churches have required. Indeed it has been said that much of what has been done is unique in New Zealand.

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